Rising with you…


English version

Now I know, dear love,
the evening flows into immortality
And you my lover, you stay clean,
as you melt in the sun once again …

Now I feel the thrill again,
my story, the longing for you
And you on the celestial ridges,
you still whisper to me sweet words …

Oh, don’t tell me tomorrow,
but you want to stick the burnt tears ,
And you will find a broken heart
shinning on the dark sky…

Just kiss my pain, my love
and pour honey from Heaven
So, I can rise with you,
my love, to immortality !!

Romanian version

Acuma stiu, scumpa iubire,
se scurge seara in Nemurire,
Si tu, iubitul meu, tu stea curata,
te-ai mai topit in soare inc-o data…

Acuma simt din nou fiorul,
povestea mea, nestinsul dorul,
Si tu pe crestele ceresti
cuvinte dulci iar imi soptesti…

O, nu-mi mai spune poate maine
ma vei strange di farame,
Si vei lipi cuvinte rupte,
si vei simti lacrimi in lupte ..

Saruta-mi doar a mea durere,
si fa-mi din fiere astazi miere,
Sa pot sa ma ridic cu tine,
iubirea mea, spre Nemurire!!


 -images from net-         „Poems”…with Roxana Barsan-

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