Warm, trembling lips…


English version

I would like to go back to then,
and just be us again,
Look at me as the first time,
to the poet with no rhyme…

To see you in my dream so real,
where you were my hero, I could feel,
When we were playing on a cold night
and you were filling me with light…

I would like to look at you once more
with such a clean heart, I could adore,
To kiss me like that night again,
warm lips trembling with no pain!!


Romanian version

As vrea sa-ntorc timpul inapoi,
sa mai fim o data doar noi doi,
Sa ma privesti ca-ntaia oara,
sa fie a noastra primavara…

Sa ma trezesc din vis, din nou,
unde erai al meu erou,
Sa ne jucam in noaptea rece
pana la ora unsprezece…

As vrea sa te mai privesc inca o data,
cu inima asa curata,
Sa ma mai saruti asa plapand
pe buze pecetea dragostei punand…!!


 -images from net-         „Poems”…with Roxana Barsan-

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