I wrote to you on icicles…


English version 

I wrote to you a poem
poured from deep inside,
From the heart in tremor,
on the stainless sheet…

I wrote to you on jaded branches,
in the autumn days,
On leaves in pain,
on the withered palm..

I wrote to you when the long night
was burning me on fire,
And I brought you from tears
my most precious gift..

I wrote to you in the hot summer
when the years gathered together,
Just looking at you
from the crying dawn…

I wrote to you in the bloody winter
with chills on icicles,
That melted in the fog
on bloomed paths..!!

Romanian version

Ti-am scris o poezie
din adanc turnata,
Din inima in freamat,
pe foaia Nepatata…

Ti-am scris pe ramuri roase
in zilele de Toamna,
Pe frunzele durute,
pe vestejita palma..

Ti-am scris cand Noaptea lunga
ma ardea pe jar,
Si ti-am pus din lacrimi
al inimii Sfant dar…

Ti-am scris in Vara calda
cand anii se-adunau,
Zarindu-ti doar privirea
in zorii ce-mi plangeau…

Ti-am scris in Iarna crunta
pe ţurţuri de fiori
Ce s-au topit in ceata
pe carari cu flori…!!


 -images from net-         „Poems”…with Roxana Barsan-

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