Heavenly child .. stay with me today !!


Oh, nothing is like you,
your light keeps me in Heaven,

Your word from the clean spirit,
of it I would always like to feed myself …

Your beauty, heavenly child
when I touch it, I feel, .. I shine ..

Your gaze, how eager
my eyes one day received it ..

And yet you still look at me
and with holy words you speak to me,

Oh, stay near me
heavenly child .. stay with me once more

Today !!


Nimic nu este ca si tine,
lumina ta in cer ma tine,

Cuvantul tau din duh curat,
din el mereu sa ma adap…

Curatia ta, copil ceresc
cand o ating, simt..stralucesc..

Privirea ta o, cat ravnita
de ochii mei o zi primita…

Si totusi inca ma privesti
si cuvinte sfinte imi rostesti,

Oh, spune-mi totul va fi bine,
copil ceresc..stai si-azi cu mine!!


-images from internet-                       -poems with R.B.


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