The last painful word.

sad-woman-1024x652-1Maybe I was born to dream of you,
my love, fragile, dear core,
to cry, to be so close to you,
to speak to you, ..and to go away,
to touch you with hot tears,
to watch you while you knead me
to walk in the mud for you,
to kiss you passionately, as you well know ..

And after pretending we didn’t know each other
Goodbye, it’s the last painful word.

Poate m-am nascut sa te visez,
iubirea mea, fraged, scump miez,
sa plang, sa iti fiu atat de-aproape,
sa iti vorbesc , sa ma sting departe,
sa te ating cu lacrime fierbinti,
sa te privesc in timp ce ma framanti,
sa pasesc in noroi pt tine..
sa te sarut cu patos , cum stii bine..

Si dupa sa ne prefacem ca nu ne-am cunoscut,
“Adio” , este ultimul cuvant durut!!


-images from internet-                       -poems with R.B.


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