You, beautiful Ghost…

You, beautiful Ghost

Oh, I don’t believe anymore,
nothing to this day, everything it’s gone,
nor the burning sun I see,
not even the moon that spoke to me …

There were streams of fog
and the soaring thought,
from heart to heart,
from the spirit that saw light ..

But today it’s all just night,
my moment is running out,
without a caress on my hand
from the longing in the sand ..

Oh, I’m going to leave from here
to the house where all it’s green,
like a white bride after all
that waited for her prince once more ..

Cause you, dear groom without a heart,
you sent me everyday, so far apart,
you watched me bleeding in my pain
and deep down my tremor, you think it’s vain..

When I fought on the hot shore,
this long desert, one day more,
writing lost lyrics in the sky,
on my hard coffin, it was no lie…

No, you weren’t there with me,
never loving king, now I can see,
everything I had the most,
it was you, beautiful Ghost … !!


A fost o nalucire…

O, nu mai cred Iisuse
nimic in asta zi,
Nici soarele ce arde,
nici luna ce-mi vorbi…

Au fost fiori din ceata
si cugetul plapand,
Din inima in freamant,
din duhul cel flamand..

Dar astazi tot in noapte
se scurge clipa mea,
Fara o mangaiere
din dorul ce-mi tanjea…

O, am sa plec departe
spre casa dintre nori
Ca o mireasa dalba
ce a pasit pe flori…

Caci tu o, scumpe mire
n-ai fost cu mine-n greu,
Doar mi-ai privit durerea
si-adanc tremurul meu..

Cand m-am zbatut pe malul
acestui lung pustiu
Scriind slove pierdute
pe greul meu sicriu…

Nu, nu ai fost cu mine
nicicand iubite mire,
Tot ce-am avut din tine
a fost o nalucire…!!


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