…from Heaven, I knew..!!


English version

You will never love me like that,
Like I loved you from the start,
With my soul, unworthy of you
That a day was glued to you.

You will never look at me like that
How I looked at you forever,
And maybe if this isn’t as you do,
Your silence tells me that it’s true ?

That’s why today I get up,
I don’t look at you, my love
but you still do,
from Heaven, I knew..!!

Romanian version

Nicicand ma vei iubi asa
Precum eu te-am iubit pe tine
Cu sufletu-mi, nevrednic, el,
Ce s-a alipit, o zi, de tine..

Nicand ma vei privi asa
Cum te-am privit de-o vesnicie,
Si poate daca nu-i asa
Tacerea ta imi spune mie…

De-aceea azi eu ma ridic,
Nu te privesc, dar simt iubite
A ta privire inca azi
Tu mi-o oferi si astazi mie..!!


 -images from net-         „Poems”…with R. Bars-

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