To tell you again…

spell-to-make-him-regret-and-come-back.jpgEnglish version 

I’ve been waiting for you 
my love, my love
And you were so close
always, oh, always…

I wanted to feel your kiss,
see your angel face,
And now I still feel it
while I’m dying in the maze

I end, I end …

Yet another star shines
on the bitter sky
Is my shattered heart
that I gave you as a gift …

Love, let it slowly
fall to the ground
To tell you again
that you are its Holy Heaven!!


Romanian version

Te-am asteptat o viata
iubitul meu, iubitul meu
Si ai fost asa de-aproape
mereu, o, tot mereu..

Am vrut sa-ti simt sarutul,
chipu-ti ingeresc,
Si-acum inca-L ating
in timp ce ma sfarsec..

Ma sfarsesc, ma sfarsec…

O, inca-o stea straluce
pe cerul cel amar,
E inima-mi in cioburi
ce ti-am dat-o-n dar…

Iubite, las-o dulce
sa cada pe pamant,
Sa-ti spuna inca-o data
ca tu-i esti cerul sfant!!



 -images from net-         „Poems”…with Roxana Barsan-

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