It hurts, my Love..


It hurts my dream that softly breaks
Like a thin grass- no sound it makes,
It bleeds like a wound souring
And you look, rain pouring ..

Your words my love they bleed, you see,
They leave a stain of you inside of me
And I look at it as it burns fast
And over an hour will be just dust ..


Ma doare Visul ce se rupe
precum un fir de iarba viu,
Sangera precum o rana
si tu privesti, doar eu azi stiu..

Ma doare Vorba ta cea blanda
ce doar parea un strop de rai,
Ma intrebam de unde vine
dar tu iubite nu erai…

Ma doare Noapte intristarii
cand inima-mi se-nchide iar
Si o privesc cum arde grabnic
si peste-un ceas va fi doar jar..!!


 -images from net-         „Poems”…with Roxana Barsan-

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