To hear your heart beat…

Lovers-LCM-0002English version

I’d like to be at your chest,
To hear your heart beat,
Take me in your arms my love
I know it’s there I fit..

Oh, do you know my darling
how much my heart shakes?
When I look at you smiling,
and tangy heart makes?

And I wish you well
like a traveler
That saw a star
and touched her…

Oh, do you know how much?
will you know how I breathe?
But the Lord created you
so wonderful waving like a leaf…

Oh, you will never know
a crying heart,
That beats so longingly
for a traveler ..

Oh, you will not know
a hot heart I still miss
For I am a traveler
that left you with a kiss …

Romanian version

As vrea sa fiu la pieptul tau
sa iti aud inima cum bate,
Sa ma iei in brate Iubitul meu
asa pe neasteptate..

O, stii iubite, oare,
cat inima-mi tresare?
cand te privesc zambind,
o inima tanjind?

Si te doresc cu dor
precum un calator
Ce a vazut o stea
si s-a atins de ea..

O, stii tu oare cat?
vei stii tu oarecand?
Dar Domnul te-a creat
asa de minunat…

O, nu vei sti nicicand
o inima plangand,
Ce bate asa cu dor
pentru un calator…

O, nu vei sti iubite
o inima fierbinte,
Caci si eu o calatoare
te-am parasit c-o sarutare…!!


 -images from net-         „Poems”…with Roxana Barsan-

4 thoughts on “To hear your heart beat…

  1. First thank you for following my blog. Secondly these two posts really spoke to me because I can’t imagine losing “my heart” my husband. My own heart often beats too fast or I can hear it in my ear it’s awful when it hurts too. None of this is probably anything you meant when you wrote this but it was beautiful to to me and evoked many emotions.

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