…under the salty flow


The summer goes and it dies slow,
like snow melted under the salty flow,
And leaves a flower born in the night
under the heat wrapped in the light …

A letter of tears weaves its way
with two words in flames that want to say,
But hands are worn on colored rays,
and remain in silence as sparkles gaze ..

The bride in white seems lost again
those sweet beads that unlooked the pain,
So no one could ever dry her tears,
but the groom on his golden knees..!!


Se duce seara verii spre apele curate
cum s-a topit zapada sub florile sarate,
Si s-a nascut in noapte un mugure de dor,
in caldura verii invaluita-n nor…

O litera de lacrimi isi tese pe naframa
doua cuvinte ‘nalte si-un strop pictat pe palma,
Si buzele purtate pe raze de culori
ramas-au in tacere – mormant intre fiori…

Mireasa serii albe atunci isi perse iar
acele dulci margele gasite intre jar,
Sa nu mai scrie nimeni de ziua de porfir
cand mirele luminii s-a prefecut in mir…!!


-pictures from the pe net-         „Poems”…with Roxana Barsan-

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