It’s my birthday Jesus…

depositphotos_221086402-stock-video-faithful-woman-face-closeup-femaleEnglish version…

It’s my birthday Jesus and I’m thinking of You,
at the dawn of spring, at the clearest dew,
At the black clouds that shadowed the woods,
to see what remained under the hoods…

Take me back to those high hills,
I will look at the sky, I know how it feels,
I will sing the song watching the moon,
I will feed myself with tears at noon…!!


Romanian: Original

E ziua mea Iisuse si ma gandesc la Tine,
la zorii primaverii, la clipele senine,
La Norii negri care mi-au umbrit privirea
ca tot ce imi ramane din viata mea-i Iubirea…

Du-ma din nou pe culmile cu soare,
voi privi la cer oricat tacerea doare,
Voi ingana cantarea codrului cel intristat,
ma voi hrani din apa in care luna-a lacrimat…!!

R. B.

 -imagini preluate de pe net-         „Poems”…with Roxana Barsan-

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