How to say, “Goodbye!”?


English version

Oh, how to say goodbye
now let me know,
Now that you entered my life
with your strong glow…

But the moon is rising
and the sun fades away,
I sigh as I still hear,
“My love, please stay!” ..

Send me again your sweet kiss
On my birthday, I still miss,
Smile at me again today
and I’ll not let it go astray…

Oh, I know it’s night
and I will take my flight,
through all the clouds, I’ll do,
with tears I will look for you …

And I’ll still return
to that rainy day
When you looked into my eyes
and you asked me if I’ll stay…!!


69086_0Romanian version-original..

O, cum sa-ti spun adio
acum iubitul meu?
Drumul fara tine
imi pare atat de greu…

Dar luna se inalta
si soarele apune,
Ma-neaca in suspine,
in dulcele tau nume..

Trimite-mi inca-o data
al tau sarut timid
De ziua mea cand cald
imi vorbeai zambind ..

Mai tine-ma o data
sub raza ta curata,
Surade-mi inca-o data
precum acea prima data..

O, stiu se inopteaza
si zborul imi voi lua,
De-acolo dintre nori
cu lacrimi te voi cauta…

Dar ma voi intoarce-n taina
la ziua cea cu ploi,
Cand m-ai privit in ochi
si eram doar noi doi…!!



-pictures from internet-       -poem…with Roxana B.-

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