Yesterday, You talked to me …


English version

Yesterday, you talked to me
and time stopped instantly,
It wasn’t a dream, but it was you
in front of me as I wanted to..

In your eyes the purest light,
the beauty of Jesus in my sight,
with His gentleness and love
and the angels from up above ..

Oh, I longed so much for you,
your eyes, your sweetness as you do,
to be with you in the high sky,
to feel with you i’ll never die..

I knew it would be just you and me
and I’ll leave you eventually,
but you asked me if I’ll stay
and I told you, “Just for one day…!”

I’ll never forget your hand’s touch
and your look as I told you such,
I’ll always love you , though I couldn’t stay,
I was all yours though I could’t say…!!


Original: in Romanian

Ieri mi-ai vorbit o clipa
si timpul s-a oprit,
Nu era vis, dar aievea
in fata m-ai privit…

In ochii tai lumina,
frumsetea lui Iisus,
Curata Lui blandete
si ingerii de sus..

O, nu doream decat
sa imi vorbesti atunci,
Sa te-am pentru o clipa,
sa zbor cu tine-n lunci…

Tu ai ramas aici,
eu zborul imi voi lua,
Iti vei gasi mireasa
si eu voi lacrima…

Si iti vor dori doar soare
si flori pe calea ta,
Frumoasa ta printesa
sa te iubeasca asa..

Cand m-ai intrebat daca ma-ntorc,
am suspinat usor pe loc,
si am stiut ca intrebarea ta
imi va ramane-n suflet pururea…

Cand m-ai atins, oh, mana ta
in mana mea se contopea,
Caci mi-ai dat, doar ieri cu ea,
o parte di caldura ta…

Si zambetul si pasii tai spre mine
imi vor rasuna pe unde de suspine,
Si poate-mi curge-n suflet
o lacrima de dor,
sa te-am pentru vecie
privindu-te sa nu mai mor…!!


-pictures from internet-       -poem…with Roxana B.-

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