On this cold night..!!

00267658-e1564133722151.jpgI miss you my heavenly Love, so much,
you gave me a drop of you and I love you such,
And you went Home to the glorious sky
leaving on my soul a ray that will never die…

You laid a sweet memory on my broken wing
to fly up above and our song to sing,
I can look into the sun and talk to the moon,
to tell her I will come, my Love I’ll come soon …

Blow me out of here, beyond the heavy clouds,
my precious love, only your voice sounds
From the valley of death, on petals I will write
a poem that will bring you here, on this cold night..!!

Original Romanian

Mi-e asa de dor de tine Iubirea mea cereasca,
mi-ai dat un strop din Tine in dulcea dimineata
Si ai plecat Acasa, spre cerul glorios
lasand pe al meu suflet un crin prea luminos…

Mi-ai asezat pe aripi o dulce amintire
sa pot zbura cand ceasul e plin de prea suspine,
Sa pot privi spre soare si lunii sa-i vorbesc,
sa-i spun atunci in taina ce mult eu te iubesc…

Priveste-ma de-Acolo, de dincolo de nori,
preasfanta mea Iubire, aici sa nu cobori,
Din valea mortii grele petale sa-mi aduni…
si-ti voi surade dulce in noaptea de taciuni..!!


-pictures from internet-       -poem…with Roxana B.-

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