A kiss of Light. !!

536b5d044e25e20b94c59ec3b9548a9b.jpgWhat made you talk to me?
to stop the time with your sweet glee,
To look at me so tenderly?
Christ lives in you eternally…

Nothing’s keeping me like this,
breathing only holy bliss,
Cause your eyes they took me there,
between the angels, purest flare..

I didn’t know, I wasn’t sure,
an angel knocking at my door?
I will wake up from this dream,
but leave me Love a kiss of beam.. !!


Ce te-a facut sa imi vorbesti?
O clipa timpul sa-l opresti,
Sa ma privesti asa duios,
Vedeam in tine pe Hristos…

Nimic nu ma mai tine asa,
Langa tine pururea,
E lumina ta, stiu bine,
Cuvantul Lui traieste-n tine…

Nu stiam daca visez,
Dar nu vroiam sa ma trezesc,
Poate maine voi zambi,
Te-am visat in zori de zi..?!


-pictures from internet-       -poem…with Roxana B.-

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