Raw-Vegan, Strawberry Carob Cake

I prepared this creamy Carob cake 2 days ago and I can definitely say that it was a success. 🙂 All the people that tasted it founded delicious and I loved it!!


The base, made of a mix of nuts , raw buckwheat and dates, is in perfect contrast with the soft texture of the top. 


This cake is made with the nutritious Carob powder, instead of cocoa and is Sugar Free..which makes it even more healthier and tastier. The sweetness is given by the honey (no vegan) or agave nectar that you can use.


The Strawberries make this sweet cake even more appetizing.


I will repeat this recipe for sure.

Just Yummy!

Simple, light and tasty!!

-pictures Not just food-   „HEALTHY, LIGHT AND TASTY”…with R. B.


2 thoughts on “Raw-Vegan, Strawberry Carob Cake

  1. I would love to have the recipe for this cake as my son’s birthday is coming up really soon and he requested a “chocolate” cake and just loves strawberries!

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