Vegan muffins!

I tried this recipe for the first time today because I had some Self Raising Flour left. 2

These muffins are of course vegan, so I did not use eggs or cow milk. 


They are very fluffy and tasty even though I did not use eggs, butter or margarine, but just a bit of oil.


The quantity of sugar is less than half of the flour so they don’t have many calories. 


They can be served simple or with coffee and tea. 


Then, I ask myself, “Why do people choose to add cholesterol to their diet when they can avoid it without any difficulty?”


It’s always our decision! We can enjoy a yummy Vegan sweet from time to time or we can feel guilty about that non Vegan piece of cake that will add to our weight again.


Just enjoy!

Simple, light and tasty!!

-pictures Not just food-   „HEALTHY, LIGHT AND TASTY”…with R. B.

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