Vegan Easter

Vegan Easter

This Easter I tried some different recipes. Some of them fully raw, some semi-raw and some baked.


The Pasca is a traditional Easter sweet dish made with cheese that I veganised it using firm  and silken tofu on a pastry base. I made this recipe more than three times now and it was always a success.


The Tiramisu is an Italian sweet dish that I always enjoyed preparing for special occasions.


The Garlic, vegetable loaf combined with coconut and tomato sauce is the perfect mix for another tasty meal.



The Flower Garden is an attractive appetizing meal made with semi-baked mushrooms and broccoli with at the centre a tasty avocado- spinach paste.



The “Boeuf” Salad is a Easter traditional meal made with root vegetables,  soya mince or mushrooms  and light vegan mayonnaise.


The Stuffed Peppers is another delicious traditional Easter dish made vegan.


I tried the  Cucumber-Avocado soup  for the first time this year. This savory dish is made with vegan yogurt and pieces of dried tomatoes.


The Cauliflower florets in dried tomato marinara sauce is a savory dish that can be served with an aromatic, coconut and beetroot creamy deep.


Simple, light and tasty!!

-pictures Not just food-   „HEALTHY, LIGHT AND TASTY”…with R. B.

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