Impressions and Conclusions after 9 DAYS of WATER FASTING!!


Impressions and Conclusions after 9 DAYS of WATER FASTING!!

English version

These 9-days of Water Fasting were really a big challenge! The initial intention was to do 7 days, but before I started, I thought about trying a greater challenge this time. And so I got to the 9-days Water Fasting idea.


1. The first day was THE MOST DIFFICULT MENTALLY speaking, but physically I did not feel stomach cramps or hungry, just the next day I felt a little headache because I am used to drink coffee every day;
2. The days that followed were MORE CRITICAL because of the external influences: unexpectedly I had to cook for someone and the food flavours gave me some cravings that eventually I managed to overcome even if with a certain difficulty;



3. Every day I WENT OUT, sometimes in the cafes where I bought a bottle of water and I talked to a friend; other days I had to run some errands and much more. Doing this way, permitted me to stop concentrating for a while on the Fasting,  and so the days passed more easily;
4. The 5th day was one of the MOST CHALLENGING since I went to London where I use to meet friends in a cafe, so this time it wasn’t so easy to just drink my water … In addition to this, every Sunday when I get home I’m used to cook something quickly and this time I just had to be happy with my water;
5. Other days I did some SHOPPING/PLANS FOR EASTER’S days and meals and so I have been exposed to a lot of food that I cannot say it had a very big impact on me, but  sure it has not left me indifferent;
6. Every day I HAD one, two FRIENDS with whom I could talk about life, but also about my Water Fasting experience, which helped me mentally a lot;

  • How do you feel? Applause, please, for this ambition 😁 !!You are so strong for doing so many days …… and you are not in a Monastery !!!

  • You deserve all the respect … you have mine!

7. I had big WRITTEN ON THE WALL the days from 9-0, which motivated me and  encouraged me since I could see how the days were running out.
8. From the first day I took notes of my WEIGHT and although initially I was weighing myself 2 times a day, finally I decided to only weight myself in the morning to make things simpler;
9. There have been days when I felt that my ENERGY LEVELS were low, but I also felt a very pleasant growth of energy that flooded my whole body;
10. Every day when I was getting up I had the IMPRESSION OF HAVING EATEN the day before which I think is extraordinary considering that I was  having my stomach empty for so many days;
11. More times I felt a great BLISS in my heart to have  decided to take this challenge;


How Do I Feel After 9 DAYS?

  • I can definitely say that I FEEL A NEW PERSON NOW AND I REALLY BELIEVE THAT IT WAS WORTH IT. Though it was not an easy path on the physical level, but especially mentally, having many challenges, I feel it was the wisest decision that I could have taken for these days when I was off from work.
  • In addition, I realize that all this Water Fasting is an INTERNAL FIGHT more mentally than physically, because all the physical symptoms are transitory, but mentally you will always fight with yourself and this will never cease.
  • I feel that I have defeated the COFFEE DEPENDENCE, although I do not intend to eliminate it completely, but to limit it to the weekend.
  • As a consequence of this Water Fast, I decided to RETURN TO WHO I WAS BEFORE (eating ONE MEAL A DAY salads and fruits, except for the weekend when I would allow myself a partially cooked meal). I am also determined to stop tasting THE PROCESSED FOODS/ SWEETS that I used to have in the last months;
  • I am enormously GRATEFUL TO GOD for helping me to conclude this big CHALLENGE that I have been postponing all these years.

Am I such a powerful person because I managed to do these 9 days of Water Fasting?

Not at all!! I am a person with many weaknesses like many of you, but I decided to TRAIN MY BODY, slowly, to give up what is UNHEALTHY, and DOCUMENT MYSELF on the most effective and rapid method of detoxification! So I really believe that all of you can do a Water Fast more or less long. You just have to believe! 🙂



9 ZILE DE POST CU APA: impresii si concluzii!!

Romanian version

Acest post doar cu apa de 9 zile a fost cu adevarat o mare provocare. Intentia initiala era acea de a ajunge la 7, dar inainte sa il incep totusi m-am gandit sa ma pun la proba putin mai mult de data aceasta. Si asa am ajuns la idea de 9 zile.


1. Prima zi a fost CEA MAI GREA la nivel mental, insa fizic nu am simtit crampi si nici foame, doar in a doua zi am simtit putina durere de cap deoarece sunt obisnuita sa beau cafea in fiecare zi;
2. Zilele care au urmat AU FOST MAI CRITICE din cauza influentelor externe: au aparut mai multe provocari neasteptate, deoarece a trebuit sa gatesc pentru cineva si mirosurile mi-au starnit in corp anumite pofte pe care pana la urma am reusit sa le depasesc cu o oarecare dificultate;



3. In fiecare zi am AM IESIT IN ORAS in cafenele unde mi-am luat o sticla de apa si am stat si discutat cu o prietena, am mers si m-am ocupat de mai multe. Facand in acest fel, neconcentrandu-ma pe starea care o traiam, insa bucurandu-ma de ea zilele au trecut mai usor;
4. Ziua a 5-a a fost una dintre cele mai GRELE deoarece ducandu-ma la Londra unde sunt obisnuita sa intalnesc prieteni intr-o cafenea, nu a fost simplu de data aceasta sa beau doar apa…In plus duminica in general cand ajung acasa sunt obisnuita sa imi gatesc rapid ceva copt si de data aceasta a trebuit sa ma multumesc doar cu obisnuita apa;
5. In aceste zile AM FACUT CUMPARATURI pentru zilele si masa de Paste si deci am fost expusa la multa mancare care nu pot sa spun ca mi-a facut foarte mare efect dar nici nu m-a lasat indiferenta;
6. In fiecare zi AM AVUT unul, doi PRIETENI cu care am discutat mai multe despre viata, dar si despre decursul acestei experiente, ceea ce m-a ajutat mult mental;

  • Cum te simti?
    Aplauze va rog pentru aceasta ambiție 😁 !!
    Ești tare sa faci atâtea zile de post ……și tu nu ești intr-o Mânăstire !!! Meriți respect …pe al meu îl ai !

7. Am avut pe perete scris mare NUMARATOAREA INVERSA a zilelor de post de la 9-0, ceea ce a ajutat si a fost incurajator sa vad cum zilele se scurgeau.
8. Din prima zi am tinut cont de GREUTATEA mea si desi initial ma cantaream de 2 ori pe zi, in final am decis sa ma cantaresc doar dimineata pentru a face lucrurile mai simple;
9. Au fost zile cand simteam ca NIVELELE DE ENERGIE erau mai reduse, dar am simtit si o energie neasptata care imi inunda tot corpul;
10. In fiecare zi cand ma sculam aveam IMPRESIA CA MANCASEM ceea ce consider ceva extraordinar avand in vedere ca aveam stomacul gol de de atatea zile;
11. De multe ori coborand scarile am simtit o mare FERICIRE in suflet ca am decis sa parcurg aceasta strada a anevointelor;



  • Pot spune cu toata fericirea din inima ca MA SIMT O PERSOANA NOUA si ca AU MERITAT TOATE RENUNTARILE. Desi nu a fost un percurs usor la nivel fizic dar mai ales mental..avand multe provocari, simt ca a fost decizia cea mai inteleapta pe care as fi putut sa o iau pentru aceste zile in care am fost libera de la munca.
  • In plus realizez ca tot acest post cu apa este o LUPTA INTERNA mai mult mentala decat fizica, deoarece toate simptomele fizice sunt TRECATOARE, dar mental te vei lupta mereu cu tine insuti si acest lucru nu va inceta niciodata.
  • Simt ca am invins DEPENDENTA DE CAFEA, desi nu intentionez sa o elimin total, dar sa o limitez la weekend.
  • In plus dupa acest post am decis sa ma reintorc la cine eram inainte (mancand fructe si salate ONE MEAL A DAY, cu exceptia weekedului cand mi-as permite o masa partial gatita) si sa nu ma mai ating de MANCAREA/DULCIURILE PROCESATE de care am cam depins in ultimele luni in mod sporadic dar constant.
  • Sunt enorm de recunoscatoare lui Dumnezeu ca m-a ajutat sa conclud aceasta MARE PROVOCARE pe care tot am amanat-o in toti acesti ani.

Sunt eu o persoana atat de puternica pentru ca am reusit sa fac acest post?

Nicidecum!! Sunt o persoana cu multe slabiciuni precum multi dintre voi, dar am decis SA IMI ANTRENEZ CORPUL, incetul cu incetul, sa renunte la ceea ce nu este SANATOS, si sa MA DOCUMENTEZ in privinta metodei cele mai eficiente si rapide de detoxificare a intregului organism!! Deci CRED CA APROAPE ORICINE POATE TINE UN POST CU APA MAI SCURT SAU MAI LUNG.


-pictures from internet-    „HEALTHY, LIGHT AND TASTY”…with R. B.

4 thoughts on “Impressions and Conclusions after 9 DAYS of WATER FASTING!!

    1. I appreciate your comment Dorianna. The Water Fasting is a very serious thing and you have to have a strong objective cu keep going till you reach it. Other times you can stop earlier and that’s okay. People have to read, to document themselves a lot about this and listen to the signals of their bodies.

      Have lovely day!! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Buna!
    Ce pot spune, draga Roxana este ca ai avut curaj, mult curaj.
    Sa tii post pentru 9 zile doar cu apa este extrem de dificil, in special daca nu ai un organism bine construit pentru a putea rezista. Si trebuie sa tinem cont, ca fiecare corp are limitele lui, si postind atat de strict pentru atat de multe zile, ti-ar putea aduce cateva kg in minus, dar e posibil ca dupa sa iei dublu in greutate.
    Eu am tinut post pentru o saptamana doar cu mere si apa. Saptamana urmatoare am fost internata in spital cu ulcer gastric, deci crede-ma ca stiu despre ce vorbesc.
    Sa ai mai multa grija pe viitor, de tine si de corpul tau.
    Diete si idei se mai pot tine pe parcursul vietii, insa sanatatea este cea mai importanta! 🙂


  2. Buna Katherine!
    Da, postul cu apa nu este o dieta (este ceva mult mai serios, dar nici nu trebuie sa ne speriem de el-asa cum multi medici care nu cunosc spun, trebuie doar pregatirea necesara), ci este un metod terapeutic de a intari sistemul imunitar, a rezolva anumite probleme de sanatate, a te dezintoxica. Nu exista sa faci ulcer de la asa ceva, ce sa mai spun de la suc de mere. Eu am antrenament, in sensul ca am mai facut de 2 ori post de 7 zile, de 2 ori 5 zile si post intermitent in mod constant , cu multe beneficii.

    Nu ar trebui inceput un post cu apa de la o zi la alta, ci dupa cateva zile, o saptamana in care te alimentezi doar cu crud. Trebuie citit mult despre acest subiect, dar in practica postul cu apa este cea mai MIRACULOASA metoda de vindecare!! Si dupa desigur trebuie sa iti schimbi alimentatia gresita pentru a mentine toate beneficiile dobandite.

    Sunt persoane care tin si 40 de zile sau mai mult de post cu apa, totul in functie de greutatea lor initiala.

    “Postul este o metoda antica excelnta si puternica de a vindeca multe afectiuni. Acesta permite corpului sa se odihneasca, se se detoxifice si sa se vindece. In timpul postului, corpul intra intr-un ciclu de detoxifiere similar celui care are loc in timpul somnului. Corpul isi foloseste propria energie in timpul postului, nu pentru a digera mancarea ci pentru procesele de curatare a tuturor toxinelor acumulate si pentru vindecarea diverselor parti componente care sunt dezechilibrate.”

    Sunt multe linkuri disponibile…altele si mai bune decat acesta.


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